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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Winner: "Below the Neck"

So there they were, two first-time participants head-to-head (neck-to-neck?), locked in a tie for first place while a veteran third participant lurked closely behind. One voter was left... one voter who would determine the clear-cut winner of "Below the Neck."

Except that voter never showed up, leaving the matter to tie-breaker.

Without further ado, the winner for "Below the Neck" is first-timer...


Congratulations! With the (obvious) exception of our very first outing, Amanda is the first first-timer to ever win a Muse! Check out her winning entry here:

Runner-Up: Willow, "White Man's Overbite"

Amanda's choice for follow-up Muse will appear on September 16th. Come back on September 1st for Brian Miller's!

*Just a reminder: if you want to know how you finished in voting, email an admin and we will let you know.

Voter's Shame
Who held the fate of this Muse in her hands but didn't vote? Moondustwriter, that's who! Shame.



  1. Well done Amanda, great first effort,hope you'll be back for the next.

  2. Well deserved, Amanda. Congratulations.

  3. Yay!!! Very well deserved, my friend.

  4. Sorry guys I have been so tied up with One Shot this week with Dustus being gone.
    I agree I am shamed
    congrats Amanda

  5. Congratulations, Amanda. Your story was a pleasure to read!

    Oh man, I can't believe you guys don't say who the tie was with, or what the tie-breaker criteria are.

  6. Just found this blog and finding it particularly interesting... ive just written a short story for a major work that circulates the concept of a tenth muse...

  7. sorry- goofed up trying to post a comment ---

    what a lovely surprise to return from out of town and find this. every single participant's writing was of such high quality i was initially too intimidated to enter, but i followed the shining muse of willow. this is a good place to be for writers, and i am honored. thanks very much.

    i have to head back out of town but will return mid month, in time to cast my Muse.