There is no restriction to the type of entry here.
Prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography, art, audio, video...
if it fits the Muse, it is welcome.

Be Mused (How It Works)

Muses can be hard to come by, so we provide them for you...


Muses post on the 1st and 16th of every month. Entries must be linked by the end of the 10th or 25th (midnight GMT).
  • Link urls should point directly to the pertinent blog post (NOT blog front pages).


Voting on Muses begins on the 11th or 26th and ends at noon (GMT) on the 13th or 28th.
  • Voting is open only to participants.
  • Participants may not vote for their own entries (including collaborative efforts).
  • Participants who fail to vote are ineligible to win and incur the Fingers of Aidos penalty (check the F.A.Q.).


Winners of Muses are announced on the 14th or 29th.
  • Winners' entries are linked on "The Winning Creations" page and their blogs are permanently added to our blog rolls (The Labors of Heracles).
  • Winners pick a future Muse (they have until 12:01 AM, GMT, of the 7th or 22nd following their victory to pick).


There is only one restriction at 10thDoM: entries must be new works specifically created for 10thDoM; nothing old that "seems like it fits the topic." Muses are for motivation, not cutting and pasting.
  • Otherwise, post what you want, how often you want. Complete freedom of expression here (there are no content-related rules). Simple enough?

Check the F.A.Q. for more information.
Last update: 4 October, 2010