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Friday, September 11, 2009

Voting: "And So It Begins..."

Okey doke... looks like we've got seven entries for our first topic. Not a great start, but not bad, either.

Krys (#7) is the final entry, and no others will be considered for voting.

In lieu of a voting/polling widget, we're thinking we can get by with comment-based voting (this time, anyway). Any objections? No? Cool.

So, without further adieu, would the seven authors please list (in a comment responding to this post) their Top 3, in order of preference? Don't list your own, you narcissistic pigs!

Remember, if you don't vote, you can't "win." And if you didn't participate, please don't vote (although comments are welcome).

Voting closes on the 13th!



  1. Aight, I'm voting!

    Just want to say that I enjoyed them all. Sadly, I have to pare the selections down to three... so...

    (in order of "winner-ing")

    1. Cinnamon - "And So It Begins..."
    2. Jelly - "The End"
    3. Wings - "The Beginning"

  2. Okay. I went back and reread them all. Here are my choices:

    #1 - Jelly
    #2 - JeffScape
    #3 - Cinnamon

    Was not easy to choose, just so you know. Only 7 entries, but they were good.

    Good luck!

  3. #1 - Wings
    #2 - JeffScape
    #3 - Cinnamon

  4. I know your all waiting for mine! Okay, I just finished reading them all, and here's mine:

    #1 - Wings
    #2 - Cinnamon
    #3 - JeffScape

    Sorry if I didn't vote for you! Congratulations to everyone who wrote something, even if it was a fluggy post about phones and a song. XD

  5. 1. Yoork - It made me smile when I wasn't having too much to smile about.
    2. Krys - Bravery and creativity.
    3. Cinnamon - The picture created in my mind was very vivid.

    I loved so many. This was hard!

  6. I re-read them all too and made my decision before coming to the comments page- but it was difficult as they were all good and so different .

    2. Wings