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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Winner: "Tattoos and Teardrops"

What is it they say? Read 'em and weep? Not this time, my friends. Tom at Half Moose with a Twist tattooed himself an overwhelming victory with his heart-stopping tale. 

Half Moose with a Twist!

Congratulations, Tom. You've reached the 10thDoM pinnacle and become a Herculean Master. You'll forgive us if we decline to join you in a celebratory ride in the ragtop, won't you?

Tom's next muse will be posted on July 1st. Meanwhile, look for Baino's on June 16th.



  1. Congratulations, you Master you! You gave us all a right proper pounding.

  2. ha! i voted on the wrong page guys, what a dope. thanks for not DQing me, and thanks for liking my insane story

  3. He put me at the top, so I'm not doing anything to him but except thanking him, even if he did do it in the wrong place.

    Besides, what the heck is "DQ-ing"? Throwing ice cream at him?

  4. Well done Tom. No disqualification but I think we're gonna have to start handicapping you and Jeffscape soon!