There is no restriction to the type of entry here.
Prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography, art, audio, video...
if it fits the Muse, it is welcome.

A Sample Vote

Voting Reminders:
  • FIRST and FOREMOST: Read everyone's entries before voting. Again, we've long been able to tell who reads what. Don't be a disingenuous douchebag. Or a hypocrite. Neither are well-liked at 10thDoM.
  • Do not vote for your own entries, or entries that you collaborated on.
  • Multi-part entries are voted for as A SINGLE ENTRY in its entirety. Do NOT vote for "Entry, Part 3" or "Entry, Part 7." Vote for "Entry."
  • If someone submitted more than one entry (not a multi-part entry) for a Muse, please vote for the specific entry (identified by an A, B, C, etc...).
  • Check the F.A.Q. for more information.

Example Muse Entry:
  1. Calliope
  2. Euterpe A (Part 1)
  3. Terpsichore
  4. Erato
  5. Clio
  6. Euterpe A (Part 2)
  7. Thalia (Part 1)
  8. Melpomene
  9. Thalia (Part 2)
  10. Thalia (Part 3)
  11. Urania
  12. Polyhymnia
  13. Euterpe B
  14. Urania B

What does it all mean?
  • Thalia submitted a three-part entry. Her entry is voted for as one (1) entry.
  • Euterpe entered the Muse knowing that she was going to submit two (2) separate entries ("Euterpe A" and "Euterpe B"). Note that "Euterpe A" is in two parts, but is voted for as one (1) entry.
  • Urania entered the Muse with a single entry ("Urania"), but had further inspiration to write a second entry ("Urania B"). In this instance, vote for her first entry as "Urania A." If you voted for Urania, but failed to designate which entry, the admins would assume that you were voting for "Urania A," even if you meant to vote for "Urania B."

Example Vote:

Calliope votes for:
  1. Euterpe B
  2. Melpomene
  3. Thalia
Thalia votes for:
  1. Euterpe B
  2. Melpomene
  3. Euterpe A
Euterpe votes for:
  1. Melpomene
  2. Thalia
  3. Urania A

Incorrectly submitted votes will NOT be counted. If the admins catch a voting error in time, they will attempt to contact you so that you may submit a proper vote. However, the admins will not accept corrected votes once "Voting Closed" is posted (except in special circumstances, such as when Blogger experiences a service failure). The moral of this tale: vote as early as possible.

Last update: 14 May, 2011