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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Voting: "Trapped"

Trapped has 11 entries! Posting is now closed, and voting is now open.

Jelly (#11) is the final entry, and all you Johnny-come-latelys are just screwed!

Keeping it with comment-based voting for the moment. f you don't like it, don't vote!

Will the  eleven authors please list (in a comment responding to this post) their Top 3 ( in order of preference)? Remember... DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF!!!

Also remember: no voting, no winning. And if you didn't participate, please don't vote (although comments are welcome).

Voting closes on the 13th.



  1. 1. Brian Miller
    2. Lilwave
    3. Nicole

  2. 1. Yoork
    2. JeffScape
    3. Nicole

  3. Blarg!

    1. Jelly
    2. Yoork
    3. Brian Miller

  4. Cinnamon! (Or Lizzie, perhaps?) We need a definitive #2 and #3 for our tally system!

    Por favor!

  5. 1. Yoork
    2. Nicole
    3. Jeffscape