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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Winner: "The Time In Between"

And the winner for "The Time In Between" is:

Give me a drum roll!

... or not.

Brian Miller

Read (or reread) the winning entry here:

Check back on the 1st when it is revealed where Brian's imagination wants us to go!

(And we promise to post the reminders this time!)



  1. woot woot! thanks all...i will try to come up with something just as worty as our last one...

  2. Oh, ho! BM pulls the last-minute victory!

  3. Well deserved.

    To the Management:
    I think making the last winner ineligible to enter or vote eliminates the most worthy competition and makes the voting less representative of width of appeal, as witnessed by Cinnamon's skipping two weeks and Yoork's absence this time. Just sayin'

  4. Yodood, the last winner is neither ineligible to vote nor ineligible to enter... He or she can even win twice in a row; just can't pick the topic twice in a row! See Rule 5 on the left.

    All that stated, we're open for adjustment.

  5. Congrats Brian- well deserved.

    yeah, the only reason I didn't join in was that I had my mum staying for 2 weeks and spent some time with her :)

    I do find the voting difficult because I appreciate the different writing styles and it is difficult to choose any one above another.

  6. Congrats Brian! Great stuff. Sorry I didn't participate this time...more of a timing error...I didn't realize we were on GMT. Duh! I was, as usual, too late!