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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reminder: "Moon"

Just a reminder, you hesitant 10thDoMinioners... deadline for your "Moon" entries is in three (count 'em: 1, 2, 3) days!

Also, we're going to use these "Reminder" posts as a sort of forum for suggestions, complaints, and anything else our participants might want to share (shoe sizes, anyone?). 10thDoM is a work-in-progress and we'd love your input on how to improve it.

Something we're looking for right now is a voting or polling or rating widget that we can easily implement between the entry and voting posts. Any ideas?

Anyway, enough for now. Get on your "Moon" entries if you haven't already (yes, AB, we're talking to YOU)! When you're ready, post the link at our previous post: "Moon."



  1. No inspiration yet! But working on it.

    There is a poll gadget on the 'add page elements' page. click on 'add a gadget' and on the 'basics' selection, click on 'poll'. it's quite easy, i have used it to poll readers on the virtual book club to choose books to read. You can choose to allow readers one vote each or several. But you would not know who voted for what, and would not be able to exclude 'ineligible' voters from voting!!!! Why not allow all readers to vote, whether or not they have submitted an entry?

  2. i'll still be posting...working on it now...maybe i left the door too die open with Moon. I like the idea on letting anyone vote cinnamon.

  3. Open and anonymous voting sounds good to me too.

  4. Open and anonymous voting seems all good, but how would you know that a voter actually read all the blogs and isn't just someone's friend who read only that one blog and voted for it?

    A polling widget might be nice, but until we get more than 10 regular participants, I see no point.

    I don't have a problem with more open voting... If a non-participant leaves comments on each entry, so we know that person read them all, I see no reason why that person shouldn't be able to vote.