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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Voting: "If Geeks Ruled the World..."

It's that time, nerds... time to vote for the entries in "If Geeks Ruled the World..."

In other linguistically appropriated sequences of arbitrary symbols, posting is now closed and voting is now open! Looks like the Muses didn't hit the spot with this one, as #6 (Jelly) is the final entry.

Will the participating dorks please list (in a comment responding to this post) their Top 3 (in order of preference)? Remember, we celebrate the Muses here, not Narcissus: don't vote for yourself!

If you've not read the entries already, please do so immediately or at your earliest convenience. However, we prefer immediately.

Repeating previous statements:
1) No voting, no winning.
2) No post, no vote.

Voting closes on the final millisecond of the 28th of November and the new King of the Geeks (or Queen of the Geeks) will be announced on the 29th of the same month.

We thank you for your cooperation. It is sincerely appreciated. Dweebs.