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Friday, February 12, 2010

RoM01-9: "Infinite Possibility"

She Writes has submitted her second Muse, and gets the honor of picking Muse #9!


This will be the theme for the ninth and final chapter/entry of your story/creative expression. If you forget any rules, refresh yourself here: 1st Annual "River of Mnemosyne" Challenge.

  • Don't link until you've posted the entry on your site and link that entry directly (not your blog home page)
  • Keep in mind that if you want to participate in the voting process, you MUST submit an entry for at least the first Muse. This means that even in you only submit a first Muse, you are eligible to vote on the entire competition.
***the admins have realized that the possibility to combine Muses into one post exists: this is NOT allowed. Well, it is allowed (write/create what you want, after all), but it will only count as one chapter for purposes of entry and of voting.

Also remember that 10thDoM operates on GMT time, so if you plan on burning midnight oil in order to post at the last possible minute, don't forget to adjust your internal clock!

The Nine Muses:
  1. 1. "A Random Memory"
  2. 2. "Fear of Writing"
  3. 3. "An Ambiance of Technology"
  4. 4. "Omitting Your Mistakes" 
  5. 5. "Of Feral Mind and Carnal Heart"
  6. 6. "Earnest Mockery" 
  7. 7. "Shattered Mirrors"
  8. 8. "This Business of Jupiter"
  9. 9. "Infinite Possibility"
A congrats to all of the Muse-pickers (seducers?): Jelly ("Fear of Writing"), JeffScape ("An Ambiance of Technology" and "Of Feral Mind and Carnal Heart"), Tom ("Omitting Your Mistakes" and "This Business of Jupiter"), She Writes ("Earnest Mockery" and "Infinite Possibility"), and hvninhell ("Shattered Mirrors").


    1. *thanks to JeffScape for leading me here :)

      Sounds like fun - I'm just sorry I'm so late to the party...

      Since voting begins on the 22nd, does that mean that all entries have to be in by then?

      how do we vote? a widget?

    2. Yes, all entries have to be in prior to voting. Check the rules page for other info.

      The voting method will be decided later, but is likely to be comment-based.

      Thanks for coming!