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Monday, February 22, 2010

Voting: RoM01

The Muses are all ashore and the river is dry. It's time to vote, ladies and gentlemen.

Congratulations to those who gave it a shot! Extra kudos for those who completed the challenge!

Refresh yourselves with the entries below and post your top 3 (in order of preference) in the comment section.

The participants and their number of submitted Muses are as follows:
  • hvninhell - 8
  • JeffScape - 9
  • Jelly - 9
  • Krys - 3
  • Mumsy - 2 
  • Nessa - 9
  • sarahjayne smythe - 9
  • She Writes - 6
  • Tom - 9
  •  DO NOT vote for yourself.
  • If you didn't submit an entry for the first Muse ("A Random Memory), you cannot vote.
  • If you don't vote, you cannot win.

You have five days to pick your favorites! The winner will be announced on the 27th.

Congrats again and kudos to everyone who participated!



  1. In light of all the first-time participants, I'm just posting a sample ballot.

    1. The Best!
    2. Second Place.
    3. Good Enough.

    You have five days to finish reading everyone's entries and post your vote!

  2. 1. SarahJayneSmythe
    2. JeffScape
    3. Tom

    But, "good enough" isn't what I would say of Tom's brilliant writing!

  3. Do we vote for those who did all nine or we vote for all that participated?

    Mad Hatter

  4. @Nessa: per the rules: anyone you want to vote for, just not yourself.

  5. 1. JeffScape
    2. sarahjayne
    3. Nessa


  6. 1. Jelly
    2. Tom
    3. SarahJayne

  7. 1. JeffScape
    2. She Writes
    3. SarahJayne

  8. 1. SarahJayne
    2. Tom
    3. JeffScape

  9. 1. Tom
    2. sarahjayne
    3. She Writes

    Difficult vote. Good job, everyone... had to eliminate from the ground-up, which was a bit harder than expected.

  10. 1. She Writes
    2. Nessa
    3. hvninhell

    This was really hard. There were so many different, well-written things to read, it was very difficult to choose. Well done, everyone.