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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reminder: "Merlot and Coffee"

Have the jitters? Or are you just shaking with excitement?

This Muse is moving faster than my best friend on a double espresso. Get your posts up!

Just a few carried-over reminders:
  • The schedule for winners of a Muse choosing the next Muse is being extended.
    • Beginning with this Muse, winners will have until the Reminder post of the subsequent Muse to decide.
    • If a winner fails to notify an admin of their Muse choice by the Reminder post of the subsequent Muse, the choice for the Muse goes to the second-place finisher.
    • Because of the "jump," the muse for early July will be chosen by a special guest.
  • There's been some confusion regarding voting for multiple entries by the same participant: yes, you can vote for more than one piece by a single participant.
  • Some participants have expressed a desire to encourage "constructive criticism" and a more open sharing of comments. We are considering a system in which a participant can annotate if they want more serious (and perhaps helpful) criticism on their entries. Please post any thoughts, ideas, and concerns about this in the comment section for this reminder.


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