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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Voting: "Merlot and Coffee"

(Writing) Vessels down! Its time for you to toast your top three comrades!

If you are voting for someone who was a bit overzealous about our foray into the wilds of caffeine and alcohol infused literature, be sure that you specify which one you are voting for. And remember that multiple-part entries (such as JeffScape's) are voted for as one entry.

Don't forget, only 2.5 days to vote! The winner will be announced on the 29th.



  1. 1. brian miller
    2. hvninhell
    3. JeffScape #2

    UGH! The first two were killers for me. Read and re-read trying to make up my mind. Too much coffee and not enough Merlot when I voted ;).

  2. 1. Brian Miller - Nobody, Somebody, Coffee & Merlot
    2. She Writes - Delores
    3. Jeffscape - No Meat, No Creamer

    And a lift of the glass (of Merlot, of course) to all of you. This was tough.

  3. 1. Baino - "Last Call"
    2. brian miller - "Nobody, Somebody, Coffee & Merlot"
    3. hvninhell - "Sweet and Bitter Drinks"

    Yep, definitely a lift of the glass. Took me about a half-day of thinking about it before I even eliminated down to four. Good stuff.

  4. Jeffscape # 2

    Really tough this time, I'm beginning to sound like a broken record! Honorable mention to Tom who went into the realms of fantasy. And She Writes who got in touch with her masculine side

  5. 1. tom
    2. hvninhell
    3. baino

    yep...this was tough, but i went with the change of flavors...might as well since we are drinking...

  6. 1. Tom
    2. Baino
    3. JeffScape

    sigh. . .so fun this theme and so hard to choose!

  7. 1. jeffscape#2
    2. shewrites
    3. hvinhell

    i hate voting

  8. sorry thought I had more time

    1. She writes
    2. jeffscape
    3. hvnhell