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Monday, March 7, 2011

Reminder: "Five Soldiers, Four Whores, Three Lovers & Two Killers"

Have we met everyone? Have we watched them destroy and have sex with one another? Maybe it's all about some missing cash. Whatever the case, the 11th is almost here, so time's almost up.

Fingers of Aidos - "The Map Says We're Fucked"
And fingers go to William the Redd, Brian Miller (who now has 2), and AngelMay.

*Speaking of William the Redd... - our notoriously lovable and consistently non-voting participant (and former admin) has made a vow. That vow is to participate in EVERY MUSE between (and including) this one and the final Muse of 2011. For each Muse he skips, viewers of his YouTube channel get to suggest punishments that he must then endure... on video. Not only must he participate, he must vote... or his viewers get to suggest punishments that he must then endure... on video. Check out his verbal agreement ("Of Plans and Punishment") and his written one ("Better Living Through Humiliation").

Follow him on YouTube and Blogger, and get your ideas ready.

*Got ideas? There are some changes afoot, currently being debated among the admins. Some are strictly, well, administrative. Others are geared toward the Muses and River of Mnemosyne challenges themselves. While we're arguing about our own ineptitude and lack of comprehension, we'd like to know if any of you have any ideas, suggestions, or thoughts concerning any part of 10thDoM. Seriously... anything. Who knows? We just might implement what's on your mind. Or ignore it completely.



  1. oops-that's part 1 of 3...can someone please correct that?

  2. Apologies, rather pathetic write anyway but hey, life's chucking lemons and I haven't got any sugar for lemonade.

  3. Mine is the next muse of the RoM, which I'm determined to finish, but I also used this muse. A two-for-one entry, if you will.
    As to changes to 10thDoM, I do think some changes in the river would be welcomed. I know there's no limit at all to what we can write, but I'm wondering if maybe a word limit on river entries might be good. I felt horrid when I couldn't finish reading everyone's work, though I gave it a valiant try of marathon weekend reading. Don't know if anyone else had trouble reading it all, but I sure did. Not that I'm not wishing for the kind of time to myself that entails...just being real. So there you have it. Feel free to ignore as warned ;-)

  4. Oops. Forgot to subscribe to comments...