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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Five Soldiers, Four Whores, Three Lovers & Two Killers"

JeffScape wants us to write about... well, here you go:.


How many of whomever in whatever mysterious romantic action set-piece is the question. And it's not much of a question. But you have the answer. Love is around the corner. Just keep your head down and your wallet secure.

Remember, don't sign up until you've posted the entry on your site and link that entry directly (not your blog home page). In the meantime, leave a comment and let us know you're game!

Post as soon as you're ready, and we'll post a reminder on the 7th. Voting begins on the 11th!



  1. WTF? Coming off RoM and we have to tackle this? *SOB*

  2. LOL Tom, and I second what Baino said. But I knew you weren't going to go easy on us since you like stirring the pot. I'm game, and I'm wondering if I can write the next chapter in my incomplete RoM saga for this muse which includes not only the RoM prompt that's up next, but ALSO this killer...not trying to make up for my failings ;-) just checking rules.

  3. Uh, yeah... I think I may have made this Muse a bit hard.

    Then again, we'll find out who the cowards are (again)!

  4. Jesus you've posted already? Hah may have to skip this one, write anyway or do a cop out version.

  5. Tina you can put new chapters up but not the old. Has to be previously unposted stuff but you can continue your story using this muse if you want.

  6. i've got to the tenth? good...i'm done but i've got some proof reading to do...sorry i think i pulled a Jeff.