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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winner: RoM02

Everyone breathe. You can relax now. The second River of Mnemosyne Challenge is over.

So... who swam the best?


Congratulations! Her sweeping tale of generations of hopeless romanticism clearly made hopefuls of us all. And all from the shade of trees.

Read the winning entry from one convenient set of links right here:

Congratulations also to our runner-up, JeffScape. You can read his story at these links: (0/1) (0/2) (0/3) (1/1) (1/2) (1/3) (2/1) (2/2) (2/3) (3/1) (3/2) (4) (5/1) (5/2) (6/1) (6/2) (6/3) (6/4) (6/5) (7/1) (7/2) (8/1) (8/2) (8/3) (8/4) (9/1) (9/2) (9/3)

Ugh... we must point out that this is the most aesthetically unpleasant post here at 10thDoM... ever.

Mnemosyne shall return in 2012.

Check back March 1st for the next (regular) Muse.

Thanks to everyone who swam in the River of Mnemosyne. Extra thanks to everyone who voted. Extra-extra thanks to everyone who voted on time.



  1. Congrats, Baino! Well deserved!

  2. Well earned, well writ, well well!!! -J

  3. Nicely played Baino...well deserved. Your story rocked.

  4. Hey, hey... winner, winner!

    Funny, a 20k-word entry won last year... now a 20k-word entry wins this year.

    Hmm... pattern? Or coincidence?

  5. Very nicely done, Helen! Much deserved.

  6. Thanks everyone. It was a challenge alright. Apologies for the unaesthetic post. Hahah. I'll re-title. Commiserations Jeffscape, yours is worthy and far more likely to be published. Still proud to join you as a RoM winner.

  7. Yay, Baino! Am I a sore loser to be bummed I'm not the runner up? Haha... Damnit.