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Friday, February 4, 2011

RoM02-2: "Reluctant Titans"

PattiKen and Her Muses (hehe) are in second, and the second Muse is in the river.


"Reluctant Titans" is part three of your overall entry. If you need to check the rules for February again, click the following: 2nd Annual "River of Mnemosyne" Challenge.

The Muses so far:
  • Muse 0: "Chapter One"
  • Muse 1: "Deep Sleep, Deep Space, Deep Shit"
  • Muse 2: "Reluctant Titans"

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  1. Muse submitters, in order:
    1. JeffScape
    2. Patti
    3. Jelly
    4. Baino
    5. Tom
    6. JeffScape
    7. Baino
    8. Tina
    9. Jelly

    If you haven't already submitted your muse, please do so!