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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Voting: RoM02

UPDATE: Because of some Johnny-come-latelys (or is it Janie-come-latelys?), we've extended the vote by 10 HOURS. Voting will now close at 10PM Greenwich Mean Time. For those of you whose understanding of time zones is less than stellar, that's 5PM Eastern Time (US) and 2PM Pacific Time (US). On the 26th of February (Saturday), in case you've forgotten.

The Muses are all ashore and the river is dry. It's time to vote, ladies and gentlemen.

Congratulations to those who gave it a shot! Extra kudos for those who completed the challenge!

Refresh yourselves with the entries below and post your Top 3 (in order of preference) in the comment section.

The participants and their number of participating Muses (excluding Muse 0) are as follows:
  • Baino - 9
  • Brian Miller - 4
  • Harnett-Hargove - 6 
  • hvninhell - 7
  • JeffScape - 9
  • Jelly - 9
  • PattiKen - 0
  • She Writes - 6
  • Tina @ Life is Good - 4
  • Tom at Half-Moose - 9
  • William the Redd - 0
  • DO NOT vote for yourself.
  • If you didn't submit an entry for "Muse 0" ("Chapter 1") and Muse 1 ("Deep Sleep, Deep Space, Deep Shit"), you cannot vote.
  • If you don't vote, you cannot win.

You have 4.5 days to pick your favorites! The winner will be announced on the 27th.

Congrats again and kudos to everyone who participated!



  1. Well I say this as a fellow competitor, not an admin, that was bloody hard. Well done to those who managed all the muses. Need a little drinky poo now!

  2. sorry typo. ha.

    Hello, What time are we working with here? I just posted the last 789.... the deadline was the 22, yes? Oh well. Deadlines are deadlines...

  3. I have started to read. I am so impressed with what is in so far. It's gonna be tough!

  4. Okay... voting is definitely going to be harder than I thought it would be. Even though most didn't finish, there's not a single entry that I didn't want to read through until the end (unlike last year, which had some yawners). That's not an exaggeration. Even the two that only did Muse 0s were off to a great start.

  5. This was my first time participating and the challenge was exceedingly enjoyable. I was really hoping to do all 9...but then I got lucky (in so many ways ;-) and The Engineer surprised me with a long weekend in the mountains. No kids. Hot spring pool...but obviously no writing. Congrats to all who finished. Looking forward to some good reading! Thanks to the admins who made this river such a fun ride. Let's do it again!

  6. Well, I managed to narrow my selection down to four entries yesterday, then pretty much took all day to figure out how to vote. Yeah, it's RoM, but I've never needed that much time to vote before.

    Without further adieu:

    1. Baino - best concept, surprisingly effective style (needs some cleaning up, though), and an engaging tale.
    2. Jelly - excellent prose with a great protagonist. Courageous effort, particularly for the lyrics AND the videos.
    3. Tom - lovable quirk and a fun read. I want to see it expanded.

    Honorable mention is Harnett-Hargrove. I really, really love the piece. Unlike some, I won't claim to understand it completely, but since it's "Impressionist Writing," that's (in my opinion) part of the point.

    I need to say this to Tina: If you'd have finished your story, and maintained what you had going, you'd have gotten a vote from me.

    As I said earlier: I enjoyed every single entry. That's rare here on 10thDoM, and I never expected it in a RoM.

    Kick-ass, everyone.

  7. I could not find the jump to Pattiken.
    This was tough. With the spacey love stories I felt inside K Vonnegut’s body of work… you know where you read the entire library and all the characters get mixed up and it’s nice work to keep it all straight. Okay, maybe a bad analogy. Overall, and that is a lot, I enjoyed everyone’s work … me, who rarely reads fiction. That was all fiction, right?
    So here… I went with whom I though USED the muse literally well, and not as a jumping platform. Something I think I have been pooh-poohed for in the past…

  8. so where do we vote? or is it not a secret vote?

  9. oh, now it's secret.
    1- Baino
    2- Jeffscape
    3- Jelly

  10. 1. Jeffscape. Awesome story, it'll make a terrific novel and well, it just jumped out at me even though I had to read it twice.

    2. Jelly. Loved the concept of prose, lyrics and song and a romantic story with a sad ending? Pass the pudding.

    3. Tom - engaging, quirky. Who doesn't want a blue aura and floating breasts?

  11. Okay, reading for hours over past few days. Not done. What day exactly, and time, does my vote need to be in? Panicked I won't have time to finish! Squeezing it in with lots of work.

  12. This was very difficult because, in all honesty, my favorites were unfinished! I would loved to have voted for Tina because it was awesome, but only 4 muses in... I just can't.... However, here goes:

    1. Harnett-Hargrove... Because I absolutely love epistolary literature and because it was short! I kind of feel bad for voting you in first because you technically didn't finish in time, and I wish you would have created original art for each muse, but it was my favorite, so there you go.
    2. JeffScape... I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. My eyes hurt and I don't like the genre, but at some point, it captured me, and ugh. I seriously hate you.
    3. Baino... I really like the overall concept and would like to see it expounded upon and cleaned up a bit. There's a jump between the Alex/Tom muse and the Kate muse. Something... I don't know...

    And just for kicks... Loved how Tom continued muses throughout... Wishes Tina would have finished! GAH! Have you read the Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison? Check it out... SheWrites writes about my life, and had the piece been tied together a little more completely - oh, the possibilities! hvninhell... Really liked the character driven narrative and wish the pov jumps didn't happen... Brian... Just wish you would have finished. No excuses.

    I have sat at this computer reading non-stop for 5 hours. My brain is gone. I hope I wasn't too harsh or nonsensical in any of my comments. Peace!

  13. I am nearly done reading, and still do not know what time my vote needs to be in. Is there a place it is posted that I am not seeing it?

  14. OOOPS. Sorry.

    Overall entry?

    That changes my vote!
    1.(M)useless Propaganda
    2.Creative Infanticide
    3.Not for Jellyfish

  15. Wow, that was hard. So glad you extended the voting deadline!

    1) Baino
    2) Jelly
    3) She Writes

  16. In case anyone is wondering, that weird Google-y code voter is Jelly.