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Monday, February 7, 2011

RoM02-5: "The Faint Trace of Ambergris"

Tom at Half-Moose is in fifth, and the fifth Muse is in the river.


"The Faint Trace of Ambergris" is part SIX of your overall entry. If you need to check the rules for February again, click the following: 2nd Annual "River of Mnemosyne" Challenge.

The Muses so far:
  • Muse 0: "Chapter One"
  • Muse 1: "Deep Sleep, Deep Space, Deep Shit"
  • Muse 2: "Reluctant Titans"
  • Muse 3: "Fuck Origami"
  • Muse 4: "En Plein Air"
  • Muse 5: "The Faint Trace of Ambergris"


  1. I'm tardy. But 'here'.
    I think I get it now...but someone will need to let me know if I am to pick as muse.

  2. Glad you could join us! All the muses have been chosen. One will be posted each day until all 9 have been made public.

    Don't forget to number your muses when you link! JeffScape will stop by to yell at you and fix it soon I'm sure, but you should have labeled it Harnett-Hargrove (Muse 0), and your next should be Harnett-Hargrove (Muse 1) and so on and so on...

  3. Had to wiki ambergris. The muses are jumping in the river quite quickly...glad we have several weeks left...

  4. NFJ,
    Nolle prosequi.
    I thought I had.
    I reckon he may.
    Will check twice next time.

  5. Sorry... just popped in another two-parter.