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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reminder: "Mother Dearest"

They say that a Freudian slip is when you say one thing, but mean your mother. What does she mean to you? Only a short time left to spill... no need to stay 'mum,' expose it all.

Fingers of Aidos - "White Lies Belie a Darker Truth"
Naughty... Half Moose With a Twist, Kaykuala, Budhaa and Eclipse didn't vote. Big shame in Half Moose's corner, he would have won! Fingered the lot of you!

*As a 10thDoM admin I (Not For Jellyfish) should not have stated that I would not follow 10thDoM rules. As previously stated, I did, in fact, read all entries and vote accordingly.

We are a blog that strives to encourage readers to read and make accurate and fair votes which cannot be done if all entries are not read.

Please be reminded that we can see who reads and who does not. (originally posted 28 May 2011)

*We're aware that some participants are still not reading entries. If you vote, it's imperative that you read the entries out of respect for fellow competitors. This blog is about reading, appreciating, offering constructive criticism and voting for the worthy. We don't want to be moral policemen but we do watch who's clicking on what and when and for how long. Cheat, and you're cheating yourselves and dishonouring other participants. Please read all posts before voting.

*We'll also be posting the date and GMT time for votes to close on the next Voting Closed Post. This should make it easier for you to work out when your votes have to be posted.



  1. You may blame the (D) post on Siobhan.

  2. God, I love skimmers! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  3. Didnt know how to come back here and missed the voting part of the last one :(..Neway better luck this time.

  4. Just a reminder folks. Your entry must be original and not published before to qualify. You can post simultaneously on more than one site but not a post that you've previously put up on your own blog.

  5. Small field, but it's gonna be a tough vote. Got a pretty solid field of five, with a handful of honorable mentions...

    Gah... guess I'll start vetting now.