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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winner: "Two Over Easy and A Nice Chardonnay"

A landslide victory for a sad tale of love, loss and the damage done by man's best friend. For once, the butler didn't do it. So who did?

Tom at Half-Moose!

Awesome effort by Tom, our newest Stymphalian Bird, who easily grasped victory by shooting a dog in his two-part entry. Check it out here:

Runner-Up: Baino, "Aura"

Tom's choice of Muse will appear August 16. Come back August 1st for JeffScape's!



  1. Hooray, Tom! That dog will come back to haunt in the next write? -J

  2. Way to win, Tom! "Easily grasped" doesn't begin to describe the royal trouncing you visited upon the rest of us.

    Well-deserved, though I'm still smarting a bit from the ending. I mean, seriously?

  3. sorry about the dog; would it have been a better story if i killed off a cat instead?

  4. Tom,

    YAY! :) I liked yours very much. Congrats.


  5. Awesome Tom. Really good story and beautifully written. The landslide was well deserved.