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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Winner: "Deathbed Revenge"

There was but one who exacted his sweet revenge. Surprise, surprise, it's:


Talk about revenge being SWEET! Let's have a little extra CONGRATULATIONS as this is JeffScape's 100th entry here at 10thDoM!

Be on the lookout for JeffScape's soon to be immortalized Muse in two cycles. Up next, Tom!



  1. Whoa, Jeff! 100 hundred entries! Wow! Congratulations, you writing animal, you. But, um, do you think you could write a bad one now and then? Just for grins?

  2. Oh well done you young bull. Great story and a deserved win when we all seemed to struggle a little. And congrats on the 100th entry.

  3. Anything with zero/s is a big deal! -J

  4. Anything with zero/s is a big deal! -J