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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Winner: "Infest, Infect, Inflect"

Infectious science fiction with a little romance. A sad and bittersweet tale of too much tomato juice and a sip of Mochacreme.

Half Moose With A Twist!

Well done, our man... you have an inimitable style and an excellent narrative. The rest of you can read it here:

Tom's Muse will appear on the 1st of October. Look out for his next Muse (oh, yeah, he won two in a row) which will be posted on the 16th of September.



  1. Congrats! Worst use of a Muse by a winning piece ever, but one helluva story.

  2. Well whaddayaknow, a window of opportunity at work and I can post a big fat congrats. Well done Thomas.

  3. aw. But i got it all in; even the "inflect".

    'scuse me while i light up a dink and stretch my flux capacitor.