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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winner: "Right of Qi"

Well, it's no surprise to us that only Tom has the Right Qi!

Half Moose With A Twist!

Congratulations to our most worthy and most likely to soon-be-in-the-running to challenge JeffScape and become the winningest winner ever, Tom! See his epic work of Qi:

Tom's next amazing muse will be posted in two cycles. Meanwhile, the next muse begins on the 16th. You better bring your best Qi to this one!


  1. Tom! Congratulations, fantastic job. Even without the demons.

  2. thnaks. i think my Qi done run out

  3. Tom, I loved the start of the story and really hope you do more with the characters! Congrats!

  4. Well done Tom...please choose an easier muse next time....

    1. Shut yo mouth, Baino! :) I like difficult muses. Even though my writing is no good right now.

  5. something simple then, with rainbows and uni-corns?