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Friday, May 11, 2012

Voting: "Rearranging the Heavens"

One foot stuck in Heaven and another sunk in Hell. Time to put your best foot forward and cast a vote to elevate one of us above and beyond.

List your Top 3 in the comments.

There are  2.5 days to vote. We'll soon see who's predictions are accurate and who's seeing stars. Voting closes on the 13th. Let your predictions pay out.

*If you need assistance with voting, please check the Voting Section of the F.A.Q. and our Sample Vote.



  1. Fun. There was such an eclectic collection of entries this time.

    1. Siobhan - because I loved the idea of Gabriel (who seemed gay, which I REALLY loved) prepping Isla's spot in heaven. And Ariel's probably right. No atheists in foxholes, or on deathbeds.

    2. Baino - for a good space colonization tale, told from the other guys' perspective. But I think she probably gave the human imperialists too much credit.

    3. Tom - for sending my imagination into a kaleidoscopic spin. Had a hard time picking this one. It was almost a 3-way tie.

  2. Yep, pretty difficult this time, all entries worthy of a vote.
    1. Tom - can't go past a gorilla in a red balloon
    2. Patti, well researched, lovely descriptions and a sentimental pathos
    3. Siobhan, the kid can put it together at speed and with feeling

  3. And this, people, is why I love this place... Not a lot of entries, but nobody was crap. Which is going to make voting kinda hard... sheeeeeeeit.

    While I'm going to go with our friendly Half-Moose in first place, I can honestly state that any and all of the others could be second.

    1. tom - "Rearranging the Heavens" - you're on form, dude. Slightly confusing, still understandable, and stylistically smooth...
    2. Siobhan - "Home Again" - probably would've edged out Tom if the ending was a bit tighter...
    3. Patti - "The Copernicus Dilemma" - Expand this. Please. This could be Space Cowboys meets Armageddon meets 2010.

  4. Voting is hard.

    1. Patti
    2. Jeff
    3. Baino