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Monday, December 7, 2009

Reminder: "Threshold"

It's the 7th, and we're here to remind you that if you've yet gone through the threshold, you've only got three more days!

And, don't forget, the previous winner (Yodood!) can win this one, too!

Also, Yodood got kinda bored and redesigned our banner, so we're proudly announcing that we'll be putting the new version up on January 1st.



  1. Don't think I've ever experienced boredom and, if I have, it's never inspired creativity. I was just looking to put a modern face on the tenth daughter, because I dont remember her.

  2. "Spur of the moment urge;" "boredom." We're through the threshold of semantics!


    Ah, well... I shall sit corrected.