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Friday, December 11, 2009

Voting: "Threshold"

The threshold has been sealed! Those unlucky enough to be trapped inside (i.e., the authors) must now deliberate and vote for their favorite entries. We'll reveal the door hiding the winner once the threshold to December 14th is crossed.

Dave (#9) is the final entry. Any late-comers can stay outside and (depending on their climate) freeze to death!

Anybody who wants to win needs to list their Top 3, in order of preference.




  1. Voting time!

    Again, everyone, kick-ass job!

    1. Yodood - "Message from the Fulcrum"
    2. Jelly - "Broken Soul"
    3. hvninhell - "Couldn't Cross"

  2. 1. nicole
    2. yodood
    3. hvninhell

    nice job by everyone, i think this was the hardest vote yet...

  3. 1. Jeffscape
    2. Nicole
    3. hvninhell

    Mostly because, out of lots of good writing, these were most coherent, least WTF. I think the exercise is working, just wish more submitted.

  4. 1. Lilwave
    2. Jelly
    3. hvninhell

  5. Well done, everyone!! I loved them all!!