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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Voting: "Fear in Shattered Color"

Relax. Breathe in. Breathe out. Our fears are finally under control.

Yes, we have confronted and conquered that which makes us keep the night-light on, and now it's time to vote. So study the phobias if you've not done so already, and let us know who you like the best.

Jelly (#11) is the final entry. All others shall remain in the vague and disturbing world of black and white. The winner will step out of the shadows on the 29th.



  1. 1. Jeffscape #1
    2. Krys
    3. Jelly

    A wide variety of takes on color, very enjoyable.

  2. Seriously, other than one toss-away, this was the hardest vote (for me) yet.

    1. brian miller - "Fear in Shattered Color"
    2. Krys - "Pink Lines... Don't Do it"
    3. Yoork - "I Am Navy Blue"

  3. 1. Jelly
    2. hvninhell
    3. YoDood

    you're right... this one *was* really hard. I don't think I've read the pieces this many times before.

  4. 1. Krys
    2. Jeffscape (1st one)
    3. Brian Miller

  5. 1. Brian Miller
    2. Krys
    3. Jeffscape #1

  6. 1. JeffScape #1
    2. Yoork
    3. Yodood