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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Voting: "Clarity Through a Cinnamon Mist"

Things are clearing up. So take a minute to refresh yourself with the entries, and reflect upon which are your favorites.

The Bamboo Sea (#10) is the final entry. Anyone else can stay obscured and hope the scent doesn't turn into something else.

Vote for your top 3. To clarify, Yodood and JeffScape have each submitted two separate entries, but links #7 and #8 are considered one entry.

Winner announced on the 29th!



  1. 1. Brian
    2. Cinnamon
    3. hvninhell

  2. Just wondering why that freaky looking chick is on your header? LOL

  3. 1. Jeff (for the two-parter)
    2. hvninhell
    3. Brian

    ravyn- yeah freaky , is she doing some sort of levitation with the apple mac?

  4. 1. Jeff - 2-parter
    2. Cinnamon
    3. Jelly