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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winner: "Dirty!"

The rains have washed away the mud; the soap has washed away the soot... the winner of the Dirty! muse is:

Well, wait...

It looks like we've got a couple of firsts here. Not only do we have our first two-time "winner" (you'll get the quotations in a moment), we have our first forfeit due to non-vote! Egads! Cinnamon!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

The winner is, by virtue of the real winner forgetting to vote...


... the dirty bastard. Check out the "winning" entry here:

Congrats. Sort of.



  1. Meh... Cinnamon won by a landslide. Like, literally.

  2. Yours was good as well but I haven't had a chance to read Cinnamon's yet - not that I wrote anything and wasn't able to vote, but...

  3. Oh so sorry. Not good 10DOM etiquette from me I guess! I really did intend to vote- after posting last night, the sons were begging for computer time- and I moved over and never got back. Got up early this morning, thinking 'it's not yet midnight on the west coast- perhaps I will still have time'- but too late again! Well deserved reprimand! Should be more organised. Just off to read the ones I missed.
    Well done Jeff x