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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Voting: "Between the Sheets"

Who has the writing worth 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton?

Post your top three in the comments section and we'll find out!

Remember, there are only 2.5 days for voting now! Voting closes at noon (GMT) on the 13th.



  1. 1. Pattiken
    2. Baino
    3. Moondustwriter

  2. 1. JeffScape #1
    2. Tom
    3. JeffScape #2

    This was the hardest one to vote on for me so far. So close between Tom and Jeff's for number one. Yodood was right in there, but I had to make a hard choice... Bleh. Loved the writing though ;).

  3. Tom
    She Writes (I liked them both actually)
    Jeffscape (Third cos he used the word 'panties' UGH!)

  4. Apparently I cheated because I voted for the writer not the piece so:
    Tom - Triffids
    She writes - Him
    Jeffscape - Correspondence

    There happy now?

  5. 1. She Writes - The Watcher
    2. She Writes - Him
    3. Jeffscape #1 - Tender Are the Young

  6. 1. She Writes (Him)
    2. Jeffscape #2
    3. Pattiken

    nice stories y'all