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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Voting: "Live Like There's No Tomorrow"

Now there really is no tomorrow... for this topic!

VOTE FOR YOUR TOP 4!  (TOP.  . .4 . . .4 . . .4!)

We have a new record for most entries, 21, which supplants (and destroys) the previous record of 13 set way back in early November of 2009 during the "Moon" Muse (that Muse is still tied for the record for most participants). What's this mean? Well, we're kinda growing... slowly, but surely.

Vote for your top four entries in the comments. Remember to vote for the entry, not the writer, and include the numeric designator (if applicable) since we have a few among us that give a extra reading assignments.

Also, multiple-part entries (i.e., She Writes #2) are considered one entry, regardless of how many parts. In other words: do not vote for each individual part, if that's your inclination.

Important Update (10:15 PM, Pacific Time, May 26, 2010): As one of our participants erred in both designating and linking subsequent entries, everyone needs to verify their votes are actually the entry they intended to vote for. Sorry for calling you out, She Writes, but we sort of have to...

She Writes #1 is "Rockin' It"
She Writes #3 is "Marred" (and was previously listed as "She Writes #1")

If you posted the title in your vote, then don't worry about it. However, if you only listed "She Writes #1," please clarify which piece you intended to vote for.

This is a ONE-TIME courtesy notification... mistakes on future Muses will be deleted and ignored (which is and always has been our usual policy, so no "crying foul").

Don't wait for tomorrow to not come! Vote today!



    1. no. one
    2. no. two
    3. no. three
    4. no. four

  2. 1- Brian
    2- hvninhell
    3- Tom
    4- Jeffscape 3

    What a confusing delight sorting these things out. If I started over it would probably be different.

  3. 1. She Writes #1 - Marred
    2. Jeffscape #2 - A War to End All Wars
    3. Titanium - Live Like There's No Tomorrow
    $. Tom - ...the good stuff

    This was so tough. There are many awesome pieces here.

  4. UGH! Had to read and re-read, and read again on this one. VERY hard vote.

    1. Jeffscape#1
    2. Lorenzo
    3. Tom
    4. Hvninhell

  5. 1. Jeffscape#3
    2. Tom
    3. She Writes #2
    4. Brian

    I agree ugh - they were all fantastic

  6. 1. Jeff Scape 3: Bougainville
    2. She Writes 2 (parts 1 and 2)
    3. Tom: reflector light
    4. Brian: Weight on the scales.

    ... and a whole bunch of "honorable mentions".

    This is the first time "ranking" posts for me and I have found it difficult. Of course, this is very subjective but, I hope, not arbitrary. I do not know if I am allowed to include in the top 4 different entries by the same writer, but have chosen not to.

  7. 1. She Writes #1 Marred
    2. Jeffscape #2 A War To End All Wars
    3. Tom
    4. Brian

  8. 1. Tom
    2. Moondustwriter #2
    3. PattiKen
    4. Baino

  9. 1. Jeffsacpe 3
    2.Baino 2
    3. Shewrites 1
    4. Empath

  10. 1. Empath
    2. Lorenzo - Alchemist's Pillow
    3. Jeffscape - #1
    4. SheWrites - #1

  11. 1. Baino (1) - "Like Being Kissed by God"
    2. She Writes #3 - "Marred"
    3. moondustwriter #2 - "The Cheap Shot"
    4. Titanium - "Live Like There's No Tomorrow"

    FYI, LLL... You're my #5. It's about time you show up here. ;)

  12. 1. Jeffscape #2
    2. She Writes #3
    3. Hveninhell
    4. Tom

  13. 1. she writes - marred
    2. jeffscape 2
    3. tom
    4. hveninhell

  14. Correction noted. Mine should be:

    1. She Writes #3 - Marred
    2. Jeffscape #2 - A War to End All Wars
    3. Titanium - Live Like There's No Tomorrow
    4. Tom - ...the good stuff