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Monday, July 26, 2010

Voting: "The Morning After..."

It's afternoon! Which is just a funny way of saying that posting is over and voting is now officially underway.

Those finally awake need to vote for their top 3.

*Remember, moondustwriter and JeffScape #2 are multi-part entries. Multi-part entries are voted for as a single whole.

*There is, however, a first here, and that is brian miller and newcomer tina have teamed up for a story. The admins will revisit how to approach such collaborations in the future, but for now, each of their individual posts should be voted for as individual entries.

    You've got 2.5 days to vote. The winner will be announced on the 29th.



    1. Alrighty.... comment approval is on. Let's vote!

      By the way, all of the admins are somehow moving their places of residence at the same time, so things might be a little rough in the coming weeks.

    2. Yet another tough one!

      1. Baino #2 - "Charlie"
      2. Siobhan - "Something Stupid"
      3. Titanium - "Contemplation"

    3. Jeffscape#3 Awesome, simply awesome
      Very torn with the other two but here goes:

    4. 1. JeffScape #2
      2. Baino #2
      3. Patti

    5. I hate moving. You all have my sympathies. I expect there'll be some grumbly writing coming.

      1. Baino - Jezebel
      2. Tina - Mourning After Part II
      3. Titanium - Contemplation

    6. 1. jeff 3
      2. tina
      3. baino 2

      ack. juggled names...round and round...

    7. 1) Tina
      2) Brian
      3) Moondustwriter Part I

    8. 1-jeffs #3
      2-Baino #2
      3-jeffs #2
      fun movin'

    9. 1. Tina
      2. JeffScape #2
      3. Baino #1

      Bloody hell that was difficult!! There's always four that I can't pick between

    10. 1. Jeff #3
      2. Baino #2
      3. Ti

      everyone else 4th

    11. This wasn't easy because I met some wonderful new writers. Anyway...
      #1 Baino #2 "Charlie"
      #2 Titanium "Contemplation"
      #3 Jeffscape #1 The Scheherazadi, Part II