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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Winner: "War"

The guns are silent. Through the settling dust, a sole survivor has emerged...

Tom at Half-Moose!

Hoorah! Check out his winning entry here:

Tom's Muse will appear August 1st. Stick around, though, because Brian Miller's will be revealed on July 16th.



  1. Congrats, Tom! I almost voted for both of yours, but some of the others decided to wage war on your talent. :P

  2. way to go Tom...your post friggin rocked! and you burned something...

  3. Well done Tom. Pipped at the post again. Dammit.

  4. well, this is a real surprise--but thanks! I'm gonna hit you guys with a real doozy in august, wait and see!

  5. Tom,

    I loved that piece. It seemed a bit disturbed, which I always like ;).

    Maybe I'll rejoin y'all next month.