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Friday, October 22, 2010

Reminder: "Confession"

We're speeding toward atonement... have you confessed yet?

Make sure you step out of the little closet in time for voting on the 26th!

Fingers of Aidos - "Hardly-Spoken Bullets; Softly-Spoken Lips"
Maha (here's your finger)

*The Infanticide Exchange - For those of you who participate in both 10thDoM and InEx, please remember that 10thDoM and InEx are unrelated endeavors. Personal relationships between bloggers aside, take care to police your comments on 10thDoM entries and participant blogs.



  1. ok so i could not wait until epic is done...

  2. my story is up -

    now off to read everyone's ~ (wow - a lot, which is great!)

  3. 14 entries so far and I could justify voting for 12 of 'em. Yeesh.

  4. So I did my first multi-parter... Credit where credit is due, thanks to JeffScape for help in the creative department.

  5. Any idea, as yet, of how many we will be voting for? I am nearly in need of a spreadsheet to assess this!