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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Voting: "Confession"

Feel better? There isn't much a good confession can't fix. The best part with this confession is you get to see everyone else's.

Everyone needs to vote for their Top 3 in the comments.

Remember, multi-part entries are voted for as a whole, not as individual parts.

You have 2.5 days to vote. The best confessor will be announced on the 29th.



  1. 1. Baino/Creative Infanticide - "Plaything"
    2. Patti - "Pay Back's a Bitch"
    3. Harnett-Hargrove - "Leap of Faith, Fall from Grace"

  2. 1. Jeffscape #3 - Requiem...

    2. Amanda - A Prayer for Alejandro

    3. Harnett-Hargrove - Leap of Faith...

  3. 1. jeffscape 2 - with the fade of the tide
    2. patti
    3. harnett-hargrove

  4. 1. Miles McClagan
    2. Harnett-Hargrove
    3. X (Brian #2)

  5. Julie
    Creative Infanticide

    I'm looking forward to trying to cotton the alter-egos. -J

  6. This was an amazing group of entries. I was hoping we'd have the chance to vote for more than 3, as I had a long list.

    1) Julie
    2) Miles
    3) Maha 1

  7. 1) jeff #1
    2) infanticide
    3) amanda

  8. Right, got it doesn't show up!

    #1 - CI
    #2 - Amanda
    #3 - X

  9. 1. amanda
    2. she writes
    3. julie

    ugh. this one was hard...

  10. What time is voting over at? I am just about to read through the ones I haven't.

  11. 1. Patti
    2. amanda
    3. Creative Infanticide

  12. If you did not receive a comment from me, feel free to call me on it! I had to read some entries from my phone, but I tried to go back and comment when I got use of my computer again...

  13. Brian, Amanda, Not for Jelly fish,
    and Maha, and Tom

    Yeah I know well some of them were tie for number one.

    Quite frankly I liked each and every one for different reasons, and that is why my library consist of every thing from classics to trash,


  14. well. i know i voted so guess they are not up

  15. @joanny - We're not sure if that's a vote or not, but even if it is, we can't count it. You've successfully confused the vote talliers!