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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reminder: "Softly-Spoken Bullets; Hardly-Spoken Lips"

Sniper! Sniper! burning bright... Don't speak too loudly tonight... What patient finger and eye... Should frame thy mortal symmetry?

(with silent apologies to William Blake)

Take the shot; whisper your thoughts... voting begins on the 11th.

Fingers of Aidos - "Suicide Seat"
PJ and Julie did not vote. So we've given 'em fingers.

Remember, beginning with this Muse, there is a penalty for not voting (in other words, PJ and Julie are not penalized... except for being given fingers).

*Alter Egos: After rampant deliberation, we've decided to disallow alter egos. There are lots of reasons why, including the logistics of it and the potential to cheat (no, the alter egos we've had have not been guilty of any such thing, and we're grateful that they brought attention to this). However...
  • You can still submit from alter egos, but - to keep things fair and fully disclosed - 10thDoM will reveal your identity to the other participants if you do.
  • Entries from multiple identities will be treated as multiple entries from one identity. Check the F.A.Q. if you're not familiar with those rules.
  • Anyone who submits from more than one identity without notifying the admins beforehand will have all of their identities banned from participating in 10thDoM.
As usual, these rules go into effect as of the next Muse.

*Labors of Heracles: Effectively immediately, we're changing how we list blogs on the Labors.
  • Previously, if a winner won multiple times from multiple blogs, each of the "winning blogs" would garner a place in the Labors. 
  • Now, regardless of how many blogs a participant submits from, the blog their most recent winning entry was submitted from will be placed on the Labors.



  1. ok, i am no one continues to wonder who the sinister lurker is any more...smiles.

  2. ok, longest story i have told on a blog. bring a cup of coffee...