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Friday, January 7, 2011

Reminder: "Webster's, p.983"

Slow as a turtle or fluid as an octopus? Keep turning the page, time's almost up.

Fingers of Aidos - "Extreme Robot Vodka"
None! Everyone voted!

Which brings us to...

Voter Integrity (again) - 
  • Seriously, READ ALL THE ENTRIES if you're going to participate. It's the 21st Century... we can see who reads what. Yes, we caught someone voting without reading everybody's entries. Again. Do we need a confirmed reading system? We hope not, because that would, like, suck.



  1. haha...baino did a number 2! that's cool, my number 1 was a number 2.

    so where has our muse giver run off to? i am looking forward to her take on this

  2. THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND MY WRITING IS EVEN WORSE THAN RIDICULOUS! (Teenage angst, I'm allowed to yell. In fact, it's expected.)