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Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Webster's, p.983"

Well, Julie's come up with something... different. Picture this: octopus-eating turtles with a sense of direction and a love of the written word. Is that what she meant? Time to explore all possibilities.

"WEBSTER'S, P.983"
(click to enlarge... the image IS the Muse)
It's a bit hard to read, so here's what it says:

  • "He stretches up to the book on the shelf above his head. It is musty, and very heavy, each page top-edged with gold-leaf. He never tires of reading the title page: 'Webster's International Dictionary, Harper & Bros., New York City, 1900', while his fingers dally in the luxury of the recesses, brushing the embossed letters."

The page numbers listed for each image are:

  • sextant, p.1932; octopus, p.1489; green turtle, p.949.

Turn a page, turn back time, turn the tables... time to turn this muse into a work of genius.

Remember, don't sign up until you've posted the entry on your site and link that entry directly (not your blog home page). In the meantime, leave a comment and let us know you're game!

Post as soon as you're ready, and we'll post a reminder on the 7th. Voting begins on the 11th!



  1. What the Hell? Why was this late?

  2. Julie or Baino need to verify the page numbers for the octopus and the green turtle.

  3. I interpret this to mean anything that one finds on page 983 of one's own personal Webster's. What say you, Julie?

  4. Stop with the ropes to tie it down folks! Did Tom need to specify the brand of vodka? It is a prompt, not a bloody prescription.

  5. Just pass the Vodka!!!

    I have my idea now you guys be quiet...

  6. Thank you, Baino. Simplicity seems beyond some people.

  7. Have I just been insulted? I wasn't trying to complicate things...

  8. rawr!
    ima gonna andy warhol it
    f'ing soup for all you wonkees

  9. LOL Julie! Brilliant explanation. And now that Jeffscape has convinced me I don't have writer's block, I'm just going to throw something up there even if I'm not satisfied. A folder of started pieces for each muse is just wasted bits...And Moondust, when you've had your swig, pass the vodka over here.

  10. Two parts up. Not sure how many more are coming.

  11. Ok guys - I may have wavered from the photo prompt. Too Bad!!!