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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winner: "Extreme Robot Vodka"

Without confessing to having actually having any experience in this kind of thing, yet convincing us of the OH&S/OSHA issues associated with a Sexbot, we have a winner:


It was a tie for first (with Patti), but Baino held the tie-breaker. Congrats! Check out the winning entry: 

Baino's Muse will appear on January 16th. Come back on New Year's Day for Julie's! Speaking of... Happy New Year to everyone and good luck with the next Muse.



  1. Way to go, Helen. A ripper of a response to a most challenging muse.

  2. Congratulations, Helen. Well deserved. And that's what I get for being bumfuzzled and slow, as usual. I think my muse has an under-active thyroid.

  3. Cheers, now the worst bit . . picking a muse!