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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reminder: "Extreme Robot Vodka"

Hey, it's the festive season. Where's the alcohol? C'mon, wet your whistle and show us your Extreme Robot Vodka . . or just make something up.

Fingers of Aidos - "Shooting the Breeze"
*Bad Man, Brian Miller did not vote! We'll finger you gently given it's the season to be jolly.

Other Active Fingers: Joanny, Noiseless Patient Spider, Not for Jellyfish

10thDoM News:
  •  Our illustrious founder, JeffScape, is stepping down from his role as lead admin here as of January 1st. Not to worry, though, since he's leaving 10thDoM in the capable hands of Krys. He's staying on as an admin through the 2nd Annual River of Mnemosyne Challenge, but after that... who knows?

To you all, have a wonderful, happy, safe and creative Christmas. Or Chanukah/Hanukkah. Or Beer Day. Or Extra Sleep Day. Or Whatever.



  1. Aww Jeffro don't leave us. Poor Krys. She's got Tom and I to contend with!

  2. Argh! We're into reminders already! That's come around fast! But voting not until 26th. Okay okay. I will read the FAQs ...

  3. Oh goodness gracious. Four days to think of something for Extreme Robot Vodka? Maybe I should dress as a robot and attempt to write after drinking copious amounts of vodka

  4. thanks for the invite but I'm behind as it is. Best of holidays to all of you. Will be back in the New Year

    Best to you Jeff - you are awesome know it's alot more work than it seems

  5. Another envelope rattles the entry box.