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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winner: "Shooting the Breeze"

The breeze has been shot. Who submitted the entry with the hottest air?


With only one vote left, and three other entries capable of tying, Julie had all the tie-breakers! Check out her winning entry:

Runner-Up: JeffScape, "Action"

Julie's Muse will appear on New Year's Day. Come back on December 16th for Tom's.

Also, Patti would like to everyone to check out a video she found: "Shooting the Breeze"



  1. wow. you painted a very vivid picture with your words Julie.

  2. Congratulations, Julie. You have the magic touch.

  3. Thanks folks. Trying to break into unknown genres is riddled with angst. I appreciate your votes.

    Looking forward to another round come the weekend, Tom.

  4. i will remind you of that comment, Julie, after you bemoan my choice of muse...break out your new genres, or use the same old ones!

  5. Congrats, Julie. A well-deserved win!

  6. oh gawd ... Tom tom tom tom tom ... pissed robots!!