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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winner: "The Map Says We're Fucked"

Somebody, er, un-fucked themselves. Who was it?

Tom at Half-Moose!

FUBAR? We think not. He's our newest Augean Stabler, after all. Congratulations! Read his winning entry:

Runner-Up: Patti, "Where the Hell Are We?"

The winner's Muse will be deferred to March 16th due to the upcoming River of Mnemosyne Challenge. Regular Muses will return on March 1st, with a Muse from JeffScape.

If you're not scared (and we'll understand if you are... cowardice is easy, after all), come back on February 1st for the River of Mnemosyne.



  1. Congrats, Tom! Pulling away from the pack!

  2. Deserved win Tom and well done Patti you were so close

  3. Congratulations, Tom. Well done. Though you've made me a little nervous about going out in the woods...

    Admins, I've been meaning to ask... Since I started giving 10thDoM a push on my blogs, folks have asked me what the significance of the Labors of Hercules on the sidebar is, and how or why someone is listed under one of the labors. Despite the fact that I've been told more than once, I can't hold onto it (heh, you know) and thus can't pass it on, other than that it has something to do with how often one wins. Could one of you please add something under the FAQs or somewhere listing them and the criteria for being included? It would be very helpful.

    Oh, and how about a category for the record-holder for longest continuous play without winning? I believe I have a firm grasp on that one. :-)

  4. hmmm...blame the voter holdouts Patti--i'm betting you would have won this muse if all the votes had come in.