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Monday, April 11, 2011

Voting: "From Hell to Breakfast"

Hey! If it was pleasant or easy, there'd be no need for the word "Hell" in this muse. Time to burn the losers and liberate a winner.

Remember to list your "Top 3" in the comments.

There are 2.5 days to vote and the winner will be announced on the 14th. Come in from all over and everywhere, crack on and vote.

Voting Reminder: Multi-part entries are voted for as A SINGLE ENTRY in its entirety. Do NOT vote for "Entry, Part 3" or "Entry, Part 7." Vote for "Entry."



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  3. That's my fault. I'm attempting to be primary admin as JeffScape and Baino enjoy a little vacay. So, uh... I fail I suppose? :) Sorry!

  4. This one was rough, for more reasons than usual.

    1. Patti B - "From Hell to Breakfast, and Back"
    2. William - "From Hell to Breakfast"
    3. X B - "This is Not Haiku"

    X: Finish your shit next time! I'd have loved to have seen the intended prose portion.

  5. Jelly, go ahead and leave my vote public. I can't remember my openid info and I'm not going to waste my vacation looking for it.

  6. And resubmit Brian's vote for him using your openid with a notification (save his original vote). It shouldn't be his responsibility to resubmit, since it was our fault.

  7. Sorry Jelly . . Sunshine calls

    Patti B "From Hell to Breakfast, and Back"
    Jeffscape B
    William "From Hell to Breakfast"

  8. 1. (The Mighty El Kabong) William
    2. Jeffscape C
    3. X (Rex Rgis Ir)

  9. JeffScape B

  10. Brian's Vote:

    Jeff B
    Patti B