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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Winner: "From Hell to Breakfast"

Well, that was Hell... GMT, confusion, and where are JeffScape and Baino when you need them? Oh, yeah... Australia! Time for breakfast now. Congratulations to...


Congratulations Patti! As Karma would have it, Hell and breakfast are a good fit, no? Revenge is best served over a nice bowl of cereal and some OJ. Read her entry here: 

Runner-Up: JeffScape, "An Australian Breakfast"

PattiKen's Muse will appear on May 1. Come back on April 16th for Baino's!



  1. Well, if I had a clue how to fix that pic, I certainly would! Sorry, Patti, but congrats! I will head out for some research on how to fix that...

    Can we all say...

    Jelly = Admin FAIL :)

  2. Thanks for the votes, everyone. Marty and Harry thank you too.

  3. Well done Patti, you're on a roll! Well deserved