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Friday, April 29, 2011

Winner: "A Cat Can Look at a King"

There once was a kitten who lived in a shoe... Wait, that's not right... Hey diddle, diddle, the cat jumped over the king... Nope, that's not it either.

Oh, well. She posted two magnificent entries, and one won! Let's all lick our paws for...


Cats and kings... Dogs and ninjas... Same difference. :) Congratulations, queen!

Baino's Muse will appear in two cycles and the next Muse will be posted on the 1st.



  1. Congrats, you Stymphalian Bird, you.

  2. Oh, and stay tuned to William's YouTube channel... he owes two (2) punishments.

    Anyone want to see him pluck 50 whiskers from his chin with tweezers?

  3. baino just keeps on kicking ass

  4. Thanks . . weird that the real stuff wins. WTF is a Stymphalian Bird?