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Friday, May 13, 2011

Voting Closed

Voting is now closed for "Neptune's Payback." The votes will be made public shortly (check the Voting post) and the winner will be announced in 12 hours.



  1. Brian Miller's vote:

    1. JeffScape (C)
    2. She Writes
    3. Baino

  2. William the Redd's vote:

    My votes:

    1. Baino
    2. Jeffscape A
    3. Kate Hanley

    Was wondering what was going to happen since Blogger was down.

    Also, as of Wednesday, Pluto is once again a planet. Number 9 is back on top!


  3. Harnett-Hargrove vote:

    Gee, Why can't we wait til it's back up to write comments before voting?
    (Thanks, tho, for posting the EST. I will not take it personally. Ha!)
    1. She Writes
    2. X -Brian (A)
    3. Jeff (A)