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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Voting: "White Lies Belie a Darker Truth"

Honesty is the best policy no? Brave souls and intrepid beings have revealed their darker truths. Time to see who's bared all and who still harbours secrets.

Remember there are more than 30 entries this time round so when voting, list your Top 6 (yes, that's SIX) in the comments.

Confess all because there are 2.5 days to vote and the winner will be announced on the 29th. Vote with your heart, not your head. Confessions are hard.

*If you need assistance with voting, please check the Voting Section of the F.A.Q. and our Sample Vote.



  1. Picking and ranking favorites was SO difficult. This was such a creative bunch of entries.

    1. JeffScape B - Justificationated
    2. JeffScape E - Fare Well; Fade Poorly
    3. William - White Lies Belie...
    4. Baino C - In Some Small Corner...
    5. Tom - Yesterday, Tomorrow
    6. Lou lohman B - The Killing of... (Redux)

  2. 1. Tara R.
    2. Patti B
    3. tom
    4. Lou lohman (lceel) B (redux)
    5. JeffScape F (with protest)
    6. Patti A

  3. Ok a marathon effort this time round and not to be repeated I guess. Choosing six was difficult to say the least:

    1.Jeffscape A
    2.Patti B
    3. Heavnhell
    4. Tom
    5. Jeffscape E
    6. Siobhan A


  5. Here are my six:
    1. Lou lohman (b) redux
    2. Baino (A)
    3. William the Redd
    4. Brian Miller (A)
    5 Jeffscape (D)
    6. PattiKen (A)

  6. This is Brian's vote... I am submitting for him because he originally voted for just three and then emailed his correction:


    ok blogger is jacking up again and i can not is my vote

    1. Jeff E
    2. hvnhell
    3. jelly
    5. tara r
    6. tom

  7. Would you please start saying when the voting time is up, instead of how much time there is. It never seems to advance. (?) -J

  8. The voting time is up at 7:00 am EST on the 28th.

    I dislike GMT-5 and how we state that as well.

  9. Also remember, while not mandatory (yet --> #jellyswishfulthinking), 10thDoM HIGHLY encourages comments to be left on each entry so that we are encouraged that you have read...

    For the record, I did (reluctantly and begrudgingly #jellyreneges) read ALL entries (this will be evident in my vote #jellyhatesjeff) but did not comment on any past entry C on a single blog as my own little form of protest of what I feel are excessive entries by single bloggers.

  10. 1. Tara R
    2. Jeffscape B
    3. Siobhan B
    4. She writes B
    5. Torn
    6. hvninhell

  11. Being my first time joining in DoM, I hope I do this right...

    1. hvninhell - White lies and darker truths
    2. Lou Lohman B - The Killing of Robert Perry
    3. Patti B - Honest to god truth
    4. William the Redd - White Lies Belie a Darker Truth
    5. Siobhan B - Black and White cat
    6. She Writes B - The Group

  12. 1. Tom
    2. Jeff Scape D
    3. Patti C
    4. Jeff Scape F
    5. Harnett Hargrove
    6. hvninhell

  13. Despite my protestations, I've been convinced to vote.

    1. Tom - "Yesterday, Tomorrow"
    2. Patti B - "The Honest-to-God Truth"
    3. hvninhell - "White Lies and Darker Truths"
    4. Baino C - "In Some Small Corner He Made Dried Flowers Bloom"
    5. Siobhan B - "Black & White Cat"
    6. William the Redd - "White Lies Belie a Darker Truth"

    Very high quality round, this Muse (had to pick my top 6 from 11 contenders). Nice to see.

  14. 12 hours til votes are due and only half of the participants have submitted... Please get those votes in or you're gonna get fingered!

  15. My top 6 are
    Jeff Scape A
    Patty B
    She Writes B
    Brain Miller A
    Baino A

  16. This is really, really hard. Especially then when I can't decide so I read all the contenders again twice, and I'm being nagged to doing something else!
    1. Jeff F
    2.Lou lohman (lceel) A
    3. Jeff A
    4. Jelly
    5. Baino D
    6. Jeff G

  17. 1. Tara
    2. Patti
    3. Jeffscape C
    4. Jelly
    5. Siobhan's B
    6. Tom

  18. hvninhell wants to pass on that she meant to vote for patti's steak-knife story.

  19. Brian A
    Baino D
    Patti B
    Jeff D
    Not in any top order ... this one was not easy. -J

  20. Less than 4 hours to go! 5 potential Fingers of Aidos recipients still out there.

  21. Casting my vote for

    1. hvinhell
    2. Baino B
    3. Siobhan B
    4. Patti B
    5. Tom
    6. JeffScape B