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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Winner: "White Lies Belie a Darker Truth"

Secrets exposed, intrigue expounded this was a marathon run and won honest to God by:


Congratulations to PattiKen, who is quickly rising in the ranks and is now our newest Ceryneian Hind, for her truly honest entry:

1st Runner-Up: hvninhell, "White Lies and Darker Truths"
2nd Runner-Up: Tara R., "Lies and Kisses"
3rd Runner-Up: JeffScape:

"White Lies Belie a Darker Truth" has broken the record for most entries, with 32. The record was previously held by "Silence Lies Broken" (early September, 2010), which had 26. It also tied the record for most participants (also set by "Silence Lies Broken") with 18.

PattiKen's Muse will appear June 16th. Check in June 1st for Brian Miller's.



  1. Congratulations Patti! A double winner this time around as she has also joined our ranks as admin.

    Please welcome PattiKen to the 10thDoM admin family. She's already doing a great job!

  2. Nice one Patti against a huge field and I second Jelly's sentiment. Talk about a baptism of fire on a record-breaking muse, you did good!

  3. Awww... shucks. Thanks, guys.

  4. Congrats Patti, your piece was wonderful.