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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Winner: "Woman or Dragon: The Ride of Your Life"

Our artist in residence has shown her colours with words and wonderful pictures as dragons are slain, the magic of youth exposed and ethereal freedom achieved. Go revisit the absolute magic woven by our winner:


Congratulations to our newest Nemean Lion! It's about time she joined the rolls! Go read her entry again...

Jayne's Muse will appear August 1st. Come back July 16th for Tom's!



  1. Congratulations, Jayne! I was so glad to see that your story wasn't fantasy at all, but a saga of real people. Who knows what magic lies in a child's mind?

  2. Congrats, HH! To answer your earlier question: yes, that Muse was mine. I like seeing whose balls will hang and whose will shrivel up. ;)

  3. Thanks, people.

    Lovely image, Jeff... and you may vicariously title my work any time. -J

  4. Well done Jayne. Good to see you on the winner's roll at last.